Core Values

What do we believe at Journey Fellowship?

Here are our core values.

  1. The Mission of the Church Drives the Meeting.

The Mission of the Church is why we gather. Our worship and encouragement enables us to keep the Mission in focus. We gauge our effectiveness on what happens outside our times of Worship. The Mission of the Church is Worldwide and we are committed to a Global Witness for Christ.


  1. Spiritually Gifted Membership

The Holy Spirit chooses to give Spiritual Gifts to each believer. We believe that followers of Christ should minister within the capacity of the gift(s) given by the Spirit. This is what shapes the ministries of a Church.


  1. Spirit Empowered Ministry

It is the joy and privilege of the believer to be used by the Lord. He has chosen to do this through the Holy Spirit. Spirit-empowered ministry is evidenced by the power of God.


  1. Spirit-Filled Worship

Spirit-Filled worship is not marked by a certain feel or type of music. It is marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Believers will sense His presence and He will be working in the hearts of the Worshipers. We believe that during worship, God fills and ministers to the open hearts of His children.


  1. Faith-Driven Living

Our choices in life are determined by faith. When God chooses to use us, He isn’t looking at our checkbook. He looks at our faith. Our first consideration is not our resources but is this: the call of God. We are committed to making faith choices.


  1. Journey Groups

We use Cell Groups in our ministry to grow believers and reach others. We call these Journey Groups. We believe life in Christ is a journey that we share. Our Groups are Inward and Outward focused. Inward groups are for spiritual growth. Outward Groups are for the spread of the Gospel. Some groups are both.