Evangelism and the Church

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It’s clear that the Church is to be evangelistic in all she does. But somewhere in the mix of ministry it seems to get lost. We focus our time and energy on events and activities that cater to the members hoping someone may wander in and hear the Gospel. When it comes to engaging the community, we are at a loss as to how that should happen. Our focus has been so church centered that we don’t realize we have isolated our self from the world.

Getting leaders as well as member to think differently is not easy. We have grown accustomed to our prescribed patterns of doing church. Our schedule though not written down is etched in our brain and any deviation causes stress. Our view of the church’s mission is settled neatly within the boundaries of our ecclesiastical calendar and budget. It’s not easy to break free from the imposed boundaries and limitations.

Churches have done things “Differently” hoping to draw the lost. However, “Different” doesn’t mean productive. When “Different” doesn’t work, the church settles back into the same pattern as before. “At least we tried” is the consolation phrase that describes the effort. But evangelism isn’t found in the activities. It is found in the heart of each believer. It must flow from the central desire to do that for which we have been empowered and commissioned. Long before evangelism is a calendar item it must be a heart desire.

So, let us each ask our self the question, “Is evangelism a heart desire for me?” Jesus came to “Seek and to save that which was lost.” His ministry was driven by His mission. When we see our mission to win the lost we will alter all things to accomplish the goal. As we study the life of Christ don’t miss His unorthodoxy. He went to where the people were. He heard their deepest cries and responded with love. He showed to them the love and mercy of God. Let us follow in His steps individually and tell the story of Jesus and His love.


Buddy Sheriff

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One thought on “Evangelism and the Church

  1. Dee Kennedy says:

    We to often settle for whatever is less stressful for us, instead of focusing on the needs of others. A lost person will remain lost until someone steps out of their comfort zone to share the gospel. I’m glad someone thought enough of me to share it, and I’m trying to share the gospel as much as I can.

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